Building Our Cloud Security Leaders of Tomorrow

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May. 3, 2022 | Building Our Cloud Security Leaders of Tomorrow


Digital technologies help businesses evolve and adapt to the virtual post-pandemic world. As an industry, we want to better understand the technologies and associated security risks that drive this digital transformation. Professional communities help us collaborate to better understand the technology landscape, refine our professional skills, and assess the maturity of our organizations through the digital transformation process. CSA is an organization for security professionals designed to address business digital technologies and build security best practices that protect organizations and their customers. Shawn and John will share the professional makeup of the CSA community, the security working groups that define best practices, and the integral role community-driven research plays in building the leaders that will secure our industry.



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Shawn Harris

Senior Director, Cybersecurity and Compliance, Chipotle Mexican Grill

John Yeoh

Global Vice President of Research, Cloud Security Alliance

Cloud Security

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