The Rise of the Cyber-Culture Hacker

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Over time, we’ve learned that cybersecurity is about much more than technology and processes. Without an organizational culture that embraces cybersecurity, efforts to build security programs can be fleeting and ineffective. This has led to the rise of a critical new role—the cyber-culture hacker. Learn about what cyber-culture hackers do, and why you need one immediately.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand why a culture that embraces cyber is critical and why most companies can’t get it right.
2: Learn about successful and unsuccessful cyber-culture hacking examples and lessons learned.
3: Discuss need to grow culture hackers and how to identify those already in their organizations today.

General cybersecurity fundamentals.
Dr. Christine Izuakor


Senior Manager – Global Security Strategy and Awareness, United Airlines

social engineering security awareness professional development & workforce


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