Weekly News Roundup July 31-August 4, 2023

Posted on by Kacy Zurkus

For those of you who aren't familiar with the RSAC 365 Cybersecurity Learning program, we produce monthly webcasts and podcasts. In addition to also publishing numerous blogs from contributors (like you, dear reader), we also host a quarterly seminar. The content that's selected for each month aligns with a particular topic or theme, and this summer our focus has been on vulnerability management and threat modeling. Two guests, Ashwini Siddhi and Karen Harris (note: Karen’s podcast will be live soon, so check back at rsaconference.com), joined me for podcasts exploring different aspects of threat modeling. Coincidentally, just this week SC Media published a piece penned by Anne Marie Zettlemoyer entitled, "Women in Cybersecurity: The perfect threat modelers."

“Women possess an innate threat modeling instinct that translates into better cybersecurity and reduced risk for businesses,” Zettlemoyer wrote. Based on the guests who have joined RSAC 365 these last few weeks, I’d have to agree with Zettlemoyer’s assertion that, “This idea that women are natural risk modelers and managers has gained traction.”

Alas, cybersecurity does have a skills gap, so when we explore the topic of People, Process & Technology in September, we will dive into different ways that organizations can attract, train, and retain the workforce of the future.

Now let’s take a look at what else made industry headlines this week.

Aug. 4: “A cyberattack has disrupted hospital computer systems in several states, forcing some emergency rooms to close and ambulances to be diverted, and many primary care services remained closed on Friday as security experts worked to determine the extent of the problem and resolve it,” Security Week reported.

Aug. 4: While Cloudflare and Atlassian saw a surge in stock values this week, cybersecurity stocks fell 3.5% according to Investors.com.

Aug. 4: Tech Crunch reported, “Israel’s National Cybersecurity Directorate said there was “no breach” of its network after passwords belonging to a senior agency official were stolen from their home computer earlier this year and published online.”

Aug. 3: The Hacker News reported, “Microsoft is warning of the threat malicious cyber actors pose to stadium operations, warning that the cyber risk surface of live sporting events is "rapidly expanding."”

Aug. 3: In the aftermath of last month’s data breach, Microsoft is facing investigations from both chambers of Congress as well as criticism from industry influencers.

Aug. 2: Bleeping Computer warned readers that a scam site impersonating Flipper Devices was fraudulently offering a free Flipper Zero to those who unwittingly completed an online offer form.

Aug. 1: Nefarious actors are wasting no time developing adversarial tools using generative AI and Google’s Bard technology.

Jul. 31: “The Android spyware known as SpyNote has been targeting financial institutions since late 2022 while expanding its capabilities to carry out bank fraud,” Infosecurity Magazine reported.

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