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Posted on by Linda Gray Martin

Wouldn’t it be great if you could arrive at RSA Conference already enrolled in the sessions of your choice? Instead of waiting in line for each session and wondering if a spot will be available, you could be using that time to engage in all of the other activities and events that the Conference has to offer. Our new Reserve a Seat feature allows you to do exactly that!

Reserve a Seat lets you conveniently enroll online for most of your preferred sessions. Just sign up at least an hour before the session begins, and as long as you’re in line 10 minutes prior to its start, you’re guaranteed a spot. 

With many of our sessions filling up fast, we not only strongly recommend that you use Reserve a Seat to ensure attendance, but that you do so as early as possible. In fact, you can start enrolling in your preferred sessions as soon as you’ve registered for the Conference. Enrolling early allows us to move popular sessions to larger venues if we see they are reaching capacity so we can accommodate more attendees.     

In addition to Reserve a Seat, we’ve also added new functionality to our Sessions & Event page so you can easily find the sessions that are most relevant to your needs. Tag and view your favorite sessions, plus view your schedule in a day planner format. 

Get organized, get enrolled ... and get the most out of your Conference experience. 

Learn more about Reserve a Seat and start enrolling in your preferred sessions today!

Linda Gray Martin

Senior Vice President, RSA Conference

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