RSAC 2024 Call for Submissions is Open: Be a Part of The Art of Possible

Posted on by Kacy Zurkus

When I think about the theme for RSA Conference 2024, I’m reminded of the 1965 Broadway musical, Man of La Mancha with Don Quixote singing, The Impossible Dream.”  Who better would understand what it means to be metaphorically scorned and covered with scars than cybersecurity professionals?

In the quest to make the world more secure, the industry at large has had, “To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe.” We all know that technology is great when it works, but when security policies and procedures impede creativity and innovation, people grow frustrated. 

Still, security teams have been working for years to do better—to transform with an eye on the human element so that organizations can benefit from technological advancements while safeguarding valuable assets. All the while, our lives have become more intertwined with technology, forcing security teams to develop more robust defenses in the face of persistent threats. Because of these efforts, many organizations have realized the power of resilience and grown stronger together

It’s no coincidence that these have been the themes of RSA Conference over the past five years, and when we consider the remarkable evolution of technologies from machine learning and artificial intelligence to automation and quantum computing, we can’t help but wonder, What’s next? 

Each year when the RSA Conference team returns from an event, we dive into the feedback and survey results to begin to answer the age-old question, Where do we go from here? As we think about the future, we are inspired by The Art of Possible.

As much as The Art of Possible is a mindset, it is also an inspirational theme that emboldens us to strive (with one last ounce of courage) for that which once was believed to be an impossible dream—to revolutionize technology through groundbreaking innovations all while fortifying our defenses against an ever-evolving threat landscape. 


Have you ever considered the possibility of speaking at RSAC? The RSA Conference 2024 Call for Submissions is now open. Join us in San Francisco May 6-9, 2024 as we explore, together, The Art of Possible.

Kacy Zurkus

Senior Content Manager, RSA Conference

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