Introducing the Viewing Point

Posted on by Linda Gray Martin

Every year after RSA Conference, our team reviews feedback we’ve received directly from our attendees to make changes that can have a real impact on their experience. This year’s discovery  is that our attendees want to access and consume information and content in different ways that best suit their busy lifestyles, and specific needs.

To that end, I’m happy to introduce The Viewing Point.  Brand new this year, this space  provides our attendees an alternative, cool, and more casual way to watch and experience the keynotes. The room will have a lounge-style atmosphere that’s comfortable and easily accessible.  We’ll also be playing rebroadcasts from our Industry Experts sessions throughout the week, as well as holding our legendary “Flash Talks” event in this space.  The Viewing Point is located in the Gateway rooms in Moscone South.

 So what can you find in the Viewing Point?  Food and coffee to start with!  Plus comfortable seating, WiFi access, power for your mobile devices, and live Twitter boards.  During the opening keynotes on Tuesday February 25th we’ll have a live, entertaining commentary from one of the leading experts in the industry, plus expect a surprise appearance during the morning from a very special guest.

We expect this area to be busy, so get there early to get a prime spot!  

Linda Gray Martin

Senior Vice President, RSA Conference

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